Monday, July 14

Happy Monday: Newark Now

The thing is – that it’s easy, minions. What is the one problem in America or in the world that you wish you could solve? Just pick one. Now Google the damn thing and I promise you that you will get more ideas from more people who are working to solve it than you know what to do with. Then all you have to do is pick up the phone, or your checkbook, or BOTH. What I’m saying is that any problem – every problem – can not only be alleviated, but that there are people out there right at this very second who are trying to make our nation and our world better and they need your help.
There has been a lot in the news lately about men abandoning their families, their children. There has been a lot of talk about personal responsibility. Of course, when people say that they only mean the men (boys) have responsibilities to their families. They don’t mean that every single person has a responsibility to every family…but I digress.
The National Comprehensive Center for Fathers, in Philadelphia, PA has, for years, been helping men turn their lives around and rebuild their families and communities. Now it’s spawned. Newark Now is a program based on the NCCF. It is a self-help program started by Newark’s Mayor, Cory Booker. It helps men who are jobless, homeless and/or recently incarcerated to get educations, jobs and get back into their family’s lives. It helps the families accept these men.
It helps.
It helps get men emotionally connected to their kids and realize that they are needed even if they haven’t yet found jobs. It helps get through to the men and the families that fatherhood is about more than a check – and it helps them find employment so they’ll get the check too. It helps to direct them onto a path away from recidivism and it helps them to break the cycle of abandonment. These men may not be angels, but neither are they trash. They are simply people being helped by other people.

Want to have a happy Monday minions? Go check out the Newark Now website and see the amazing difference each of us can make when we decide to do something.


Doc said...

I think the biggest problem facing our country today is that Budweiser just got sold to Belgium...


WNG said...

There was a movement online to get Americans to buy Bud stock so that we could stop the takeover...guess they could have used some more help...

It's ok Doc, dry your eyes. They've pledged to keep the US plants open (big relief to folks here who just lost the Ford plant -we can't lose another)so it will still be an American beer - in as much as we'll be the ones making it.
We still don't know what will happen to Busch Gardens. That's got me worried.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I love it when good things spawn. What a great idea. You almost make me look forward to Mondays now. Nah who am I kidding!


Jay said...

There are tons and tons of organizations that you can get involved in on the local level and help make a difference. There are also lots of local organizations that may not change the world, but can at least help change your little corner of it.

And Bud being sold to a Belgian company might not be the worst thing that could happen to it. European companies generally have better benefits programs and the Belgians know how to make beer!

WNG said...

Yeah, I don't either, OG, but this makes them slightly tolerable :-)

I know Jay, we just get so wrapped up in the bad news that I think we need a weekly shot of good news.

As for Bud, I wouldn't say that too loud in Williamsburg, VA, Houston, TX or any of the other places the have plants. Or any city that has seen jobs shipped you might be right, but you might want to be quiet about it :-)

Susan said...

I'm resisting leaving the "tru dat" comment, for the record.

Busch Gardens. :(

WNG said...

Don't hold back, Susan - it's a tru dat revolution!

The Mountain Cat said...

Newark Rocks!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Hey I remember the Bud plant when I was a little girl it was on the highway between Houston and Baytown where I grew up. I use to love driving by because the sign was animated it was an eagle flying under a neon AB sign. I don't drink beer just vodka! However I am still a little sad at what may happen to the plants!!

I think I remember some childhood field trip there too. Again beer didn’t have a real affect on me, but ask if I remember the trip to the doughnut shop!! *lol*


Doc said...

BTW - I missed leaving it in the previous comment but I left that because there is a Bud brewery in Newark.... LOL!

WNG said...

Ok, Mt. Cat, Newark really doesn't rock, but thanks for playing ;)

Speaking of childhood memories, OG, hanging out with my older cousins when they worked at Dunkin Donuts in the summers was a serious highlight of my life.

They're everywhere,Doc, but I didn't know there was one in Newark! Points ot Doc for new info!

If Mt. Cat is still reading this and not off plotting revenge - I was kidding... if he IS off plotting revenge go guys!

NoRegrets said...

Hey now, Newark is nice...

slag said...

Want to have a happy Monday minions? Go check out the Newark Now website and see the amazing difference each of us can make when we decide to do something.
I do want to have a happy Monday. I'm going to have to do something.

I know nothing about Newark other than the fact that there's an airport there.

WNG said...

Ok NoR... I'm leaving that alone, because youz Joizy kidz scare me :)

Check it out, Slag - the logo is the link (you probably got that).

If every person who ever complained about single parents volunteered one hour or ten dollars to a place like Newark Now think of what we could do.

M.Dot. said...

I think the biggest problem facing our country today is that Budweiser just got sold to Belgium..
First of all Belgium beer go hard, wish I had me a stella right now.

Black men.

Yeah. That personal responbility shit can kiss my ass.

WHAT I wanna see is state by state Pork spending (google pork spending to see what the rant is about)
then I want a site that shows EACH the corporate holding of each STATE and FEDERAL level CONGRESS PERSON.

Where in the hell is my copy of free lunch?

When we get that shit, then we can get some TRILL talk on "personal responsibility".

OH and instead of listing on the side bar where we shouldn't shop, how about listing places where we should?

WNG said...

Yeah. That personal responbility shit can kiss my ass.

Here's the thing about that,, I understand the anger and where it comes from, but saying things like that is a slap in the face to the older generations who worked multiple low paying jobs AND kept their families together in the hope that they would have better opportunities, AND it excuses the scars inflicted on the younger generation by the middle's abandonment.
I don't think it is solely the answer. The reason I've highlighted Newark Now and will continue to highlight a group of people who are taking action around some issue in our community each Monday is that I think it is the personal responsibility of EACH OF US to rebuild our families, communities and this nation and not to leave anyone behind.
Calling politicians on their shite and cleaning out Congress is necessary as well (pork is the least of it - they just slaughtered the 4th amendment). Many, many things are necessary. But I'm never going to say that I won't pitch in or try to better my life until someone else does something. That only hurts me and my community. I say - do both - help a man fresh out of jail to reconnect with his family and get a job AND help change the system that put him in jail. As long as a person has picked something and is doing something about the problem -we're cool.

To answer your question: we don't think about how the everyday purchases we make affect our lives, but we are literally supporting the people who lie to and about us. Also, the list is a link list, feel free to not only stop buying their products, but also write to them and tell them why. Honestly, I'm not that interested in telling people what they should buy. I'm not even telling them what they shouldn't - I'm just telling them that when they buy from these corps their money goes to Fox News The choice is up to them. BUT iif you know about a product that really benefits us in some way let me know and I'll think about it. In the meantime, cutting Kraft foods out of your life is harder than it looks ;)

oh and...
don't tell Doc and OG, but I love Stella...

L. Craig said...

It is hugely inappropriate for someone who didn't even know that Newark has an Anheuser-Busch brewery (but, for some reason, no Busch Gardens) to say that Newark doesn't really rock. Yes, actually it does:

WNG said...

hugely inappropriate?
how much do i need to know about Newark to know that it doesn't rock?
why do you CARE if i don't think Newark rocks?
what does me knowing about Busch Gardens, but not knowing the location of every A-B brewery and bottling plant in the country have to do with whether or not Newark rocks?

First of all, I don't really have an opinion on Newark one way or the other, I was teasing my NJ friends. Second, even if I did - it's MY BLOG and what is inappropriate is you telling me what i can and cannot say on it.

Gye Greene said...

Love the pic at the top!

Although: when I then read "What is the one problem in America or in the world that you wish you could solve? Just pick one.", my response was "Little boys sitting on my shoulder, doing Vulcan mind probes."

Good blog entry.


WNG said...

Thta's a pretty serious problem, Gye. The children MUST BE STOPPED!!!