Wednesday, August 20

ain't too proud to beg

Ok minions – I am now officially swallowing my pride. Yeah – that tiny little bit that was left is gone.

Thing is that there are things I want to do: create a blog for my family and a newsletter, help out various causes with grant and proposal writing, start my own volunteer website, learn how to write code and design my own website, step this blog up writing and topic wise, and on, and on, and on.

The catch is that I don’t have a computer at home. I use the library and friends houses and sometimes work for my blogging. I love you guys and I love blogging so it’s worth it. I’m starting a new job soon, which should eventually bring in more $$$ to the House of G but for the next couple months I’ll keep my seat on the broke train.

With the new job I will not be able to blog as much (why oh why isn’t the library open later?!) and I can’t pony up the dough for a computer right now (or really until after the first of the year) so I’ve decided that if any of you guys feel like donating to The G Fund I will not try to stop you. In fact, I’ve set up a handy little Pay Pal button on my sidebar for donations.

Now if there’s someone out there with a computer they want to just mail me so that we can all be put out of our misery that would be cool too…

I’m just sayin…


NoRegrets said...

Do they have freecycle and/or craigslist down there? I just got a free printer. And a friend is giving me his older computer...

Susan said...

My computer is older than dirt so trust me when I say it wouldn't do much good.

Deacon Blue said...

WNG, Mrs. Blue and I had to upgrade our computers recently. I see you have some lovely MacBooks (or are those iBooks, I forget) pictured; sadly, I'm not THAT much help to you.

However, we have an old PC tower laying around. It isn't all that fast, but I'm 90% sure it's running MS Windows XP, so it's not ancient.

Sadly, I cannot provide a monitor, as I had to steal that to replace one that just burned out...and I don't have a keyboard to offer either (those can be gotten dirt cheap at Target, though, or someplace similar...I've seen keyboards for as little as $10.).

But if you're interested, or if you want to know more about the specs and contents of the thing, let me know.

You can hit me up on my blog's e-mail address:

His Sinfulness said...

I, too, have an old Sony Vaio that is loaded with XP that you can have. It was my primary school machine before I got my spiffy little iBook G4.

The last time I booted it up it worked perfectly well - albeit a bit slower than I'm accustomed to now, but still quite serviceable.

Drop me an email if you're interested. :)

WNG said...

WOW do you guys have my back on the computer!

Well, except for Susan, but she's got other skillz ;)

You rock. Every single one of you.

NoRegrets said...

There's always monitors around for free... And I have a keyboard and mouse I could give you.

slag said...

I would send you my old Mac G4 desktop, but the shipping would probably cost as much as the computer's worth. Nonetheless, it seems you may have things covered. It's in all of our interests for you to have a computer :).

Mayren said...

I have a CRT monitor for you if you wanna add it to the desktop PC.
My hubby just bought himself a spanking new LCD screen. So it's
totally in working condition.

Seriously and totally yours.
Email me if you'd like it.

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