Thursday, August 21

and the winner is...

Some bloggers just appreciate humble, unassuming quality. Some appreciate me. Slag has taken it to the next level and created an award inspired by moi, The Karmic Justice League Award. I then created a Karmic Justini (2 parts honey vodka 1 part chai tea, garnish with cinnamon stick) but Slag isn’t a drinker so I had to drink the KJ all by my lonesome. Oh, how I suffer for my art…

While I was sipping I thought about the directive I had received on what to do with this award…there wasn’t one, I am to “do with it what you will. Pass it on or keep it all to yourself. No rules required”. Now normally this would mean I was free to hoard this goody like a Goblin hoards treasure, but a few sips later, in a more expansive mood, I decided to share.

Therefore, on the last Tuesday of each month I will award one lucky person with the Karmic Justice Award – this could be a blogger or a ‘real’ person – and at the end of a year one lucky person will be declared the Karmic Justice League Uber Minion. The KJL Uber Minion will win a bottle of vodka and any one thing they desire from the Whole New Store. See how generous I am!!!
I’ll use the same criteria Slag used in giving it to me: action oriented, meaningfully positive, engaging and motivating. (Slag really nailed me, but forgot humble, retiring and unassuming)

It just so happens that the second winner (I’m #1!!!) of the KJLA is someone who just wrote a blog post exhorting all in his flock to embrace positivity and action and to approach life with a sense of mission. He was one of if not the, very first commenter on my blog. He gave me encouragement when I needed it and fed my comment addiction. Now he’s got his own web comic and a sidekick (forgive me, Flynn) but he still caters to his flock with sermons and discussions on religion, politics, cycling, kettle bells, parakeets and dodge ball. There isn’t anything you can’t talk to him about (he’s probably just taken a class in it – so watch out) and there isn’t much he’ll judge you for (with the exceptions of hypocrisy, cruelty and willful ignorance). Now the path of positive action he has been taking in his own life and chronicling on his blogs has found full voice with his post “No Whine Zone”.

Thank you, Linus aka His Sinfulness, The Black Pope aka Pontifex Niger aka Pater Major for being there from my first toddling steps into blogging, engaging me, motivating me, taking me into the flock, name dropping me on your podcasts and dispensing Karmic Justice for all the world to see. You are the only reason I would ever visit Wyoming and a fabulous blogger. Feel free to dispense this award at your Papal liesure…

Minion Reading List:
Black Vatican Web Comic
Ministry of Linus
No Whine Zone (the winning blog post)


NoRegrets said...

Does the karmic justice league have a leader? Are you it?

Susan said...

Do you guys have outfits? Thigh high boots, perhaps?

NoRegrets said...

Masks which flatter the face?
Codpieces for the men which show what they really have?

Damn, Susan, you know, she's trying to be so good and helpful, and here we are bringing it to the gutter... I feel so ashamed.

Do the women have to wear thongs? Because if so, not sure I'd join.

WNG said...

NoR - Slag would be our fearless leader

You guys need help...

or vodka...

Flynn said...

Sidekick? Really?.. ouch. :P

Lucky I like you ;)

Congrats to the Pope, I'm sure he'll give a victory speech later today, I'll try to record the event for posterity... and a long overdue podcast [cough].

Big Man said...

Missed you at the blog today.

slag said...

I'm thinking that we're all the leader. But that's very nice of you to say, G.

I knew you'd be action-oriented with your award giving. I just knew it!

His Sinfulness said...

I don't know what to say...

"You like me - you really like me!"
(No. Too Sally Field...)

"I'd like to thank Jesus for the blessings he has bestowed upon me..."
(No. Too NBA...)

"My thanks to the Nobel Committee..."
(Too Stephen Hawking...)

"Well, I'm just that good."
(No - too Dion Sanders)

Ok - I'll just say thank you for giving me this prestigious award, and thanks for the hits I will probably receive as a result... (I am such a hit whore).


The CEO said...

I'd like to nominate Big Man, based solely on merit.

WNG said...

Sorry, Flynn, you know I love you!

I miss you guys too, Big Man.

I'm trying, Slag, we'll see...

Pater - you deserved it - much love

Monty - he's one of my favorites...we'll see...

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