Friday, August 1

Dear America,

I was planning on making my triumphant return on Monday morning but I’m a little too pissed off for that. Anyone not in the mood for a rant should just click somewhere else now.

"Everyone's stupid in an election year, Charlie."
"No, everyone gets treated stupid in an election year, CJ"

What hell is wrong with us? I’m not kidding with that question. Unemployment is rising, costs are rising, the death tolls on both front of the War On ‘Terror’ are rising, wages are falling, jobs are being cut or shipped overseas and banks are closing. BUT John McCain has a new add out with boobies in it so let’s all fucking focus on that. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Last week I was standing in Food Lion trying to trim my shopping list so that I could afford enough gas to last me to my next payday. I don’t give a flying FUCK about Paris Hilton being in McCrack’s ad. And you know what? Most of the rest of the country doesn’t either. The only reason this is a big deal is because we are all – the candidates AND the viewers, letting the media make it a big deal. They don’t want to report the complicated, hard stories and we don’t want to hear them, so they give us tripe and we suck it down like ambrosia.

So – you ask, what should Barack Obama do when they call him arrogant and presumptuous? He should stay on message. Here’s what I mean:

Reporter: Senator, Mc Crack promised that he wouldn’t ‘go negative’ in this campaign and yet that’s exactly what he seems to be doing. How do you feel about that?

Obama: I don’t think it’s as important as my plan to bring the troops home from Iraq in about 16 months and to start adding at least two brigades to the fight in Afghanistan. We have a truly international coalition there and we need to not only add more troops ourselves, but also get the nations of the world to add more troops so that we can bring the situation there under control and bring peace to that land after almost 100 years of war.

Each and every time they ask you about tripe you pivot to something that may actually have an effect on real people’s lives. Each and every time. What story does that leave them with? Obama won’t answer crap questions. Obama will only talk about the issues. Not only does it give you the automatic high road, it will also win you back some of the respect you lost on FISA. Oh and it might, just might, force the media to do their jobs and report on real stories instead of feelings.

I preach doing. You, all my minions, know that. Let me tell you that I am getting more than a little tired of the talk floating around out there. I got email after email about Toby Keith being on Stephen Colbert. People were incensed. Up in arms. And yet they didn’t even write the show an email about it. I’m sorry, but if you have the time to whine to me about it then you have the time to write or call the show about it. How does that not make sense? Because, honestly – I don’t want to hear it unless you’ve already taken some kind of action or you need my help to take action. Otherwise, tell it to someone else.

The Executive branch of our government has broken law after law after law. It has sent my friends to kill and be killed unnecessarily. It has put energy company executives in charge of our environmental policy and it has let an entire city drown. I could go on – I’m sure others could go on and on and on, but I won’t. Because as disgusted as I am with President Shrub I am even more disgusted with the Democrats in the House and Senate who will not prosecute these crimes. They don’t want to take the political risk of looking like the bad guys. I’m sorry, but FUCK THAT. These people, including the President of the United States, broke the laws of the country they serve. The violated the Constitution they are supposed to be protecting and defending. Why there are not impeachment and criminal trials going on right now is a major quandary for me. It isn’t about ideology any more – THEY BROKE THE LAW. Period. End of story. What the hell are you doing up there, Nancy Pelosi? The President doesn’t get a pass just because he wants one.

You know why they’re getting away with this, don’t you guys? They’re getting away with this because of us. We don’t want to turn and look at ourselves. We don’t want to see what we’ve let happen the last 8 years. We don’t want to know. Barack Obama was on the cover of Esquire magazine a few months ago and in the cover story the writer worried that Obama was going to skip us over everything that has happened in the past eight years without ever making us face what we had wrought. Because the truth is that we did it. The murder, the torture, the fraud, the neglect; the crumbling infrastructure and economy; the dearth of health care and the cost of everything – it is our fault. We didn’t stop it. We didn’t want to know. We watched our Constitution being slowly ripped apart and very, very few of us rose to its defense.

If we have hearings now, if we the people press charges against the leaders who have broken the people’s laws we will have to face our own complicity. But what choice do we have? If we do not turn and face this cancer and cut it out cleanly it will continue to grow. We can elect a better President, but if we don’t repair the damage done to the Constitution then what is the point?

As always, I’m calling for action. Write to your Representative or Senator. Write to Nancy Pelosi and tell her that taking impeachment off the table in the investigation is like trying to cut a tree with a spoon. Write to Barack Obama and tell him that his administration needs to make reparations to the Constitution – that this country needs that. You could even write to Colbert and tell him that having Toby Keith on his show to sing a song about how lynching was part of the good old days was an asshole move. Pick one thing, pick all of them – but get out and do something.

Oh and quit bitching about the mainstream media and turn on PBS.


Susan said...

Speaking about mainstream media, the thing you wrote about below was actually on NBC last night.

Doc said...

Hey G... Whats up bebe ??

NoRegrets said...

I promise I will start doing something someday. That's about as much as I can promise right now. I have very little energy at the moment.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...


Welcome back chick Amen from the alto section of the choir. I feel you. Senators and Congressman really only pay attention when letters are written. I think a letter written counts for like 8-10 ppl or something.

Anyway I feel you get up get out and DO SOMETHING!!


Big Man said...

Somebody came back angry.

Good to hear from you again.

Deacon Blue said...

I must be missing something about the Colbert thing with Toby Keith. Mind you, I'm NOT defending the lynching reference in that one song of his...I went off on that enough over at Field Negro and don't want to beat a dead horse along with (almost) everyone else.

But many's the time Colbert has some right-wing-ish person on. The whole schtick is that Colbert is "conservative" when the fact is that he's typically mocking conservative doctrine by doing so (as well as mocking liberals at times, too...and maybe moderates...we all need our egos handed to us at times).

Sometimes he is better able to covertly mock than others. Maybe he IS a Toby Keith fan; I don't know. But in watching the video of his appearance on Colbert, there isn't any reference by eitehr one of them to the offensive lyrics.

In fact, when it aired, had the controversy even erupted yet? (just curious). And does anyone know if Colbert had any clue about the lyrics? I mean, my wife is notorious for loving a beat and completely missing the lyrics. There's one song by Neil Young "Down by the River" which, as near as I can tell, is about a guy shooting his wife/girlfriend down by the river and leaving her dead.

Again, I'm not defending Toby Keith, who should have apologized by now for the bad decision or lapse in judgment of glorifying lynching without thinking of (or being senstive to) the racial implications. (I mean, after all, Black Eyed Peas ended up changing the song "Let's Get Retarded in Here" to "Let's Get It Started in Here" when it ended up on a soundtrack for an Ice Cube movie...and they ieven reissued the original album with that track changed. IMHO, Toby Keith should do the same...)

All I'm saying is that I'm not entirely sure that having Keith appear on Colbert's show is indicative of anything.

I'd be curious what anyone else thinks, just because I may indeed by missing something or be lacking in some key piece of context or knowledge.

Deacon Blue said...

Ack...should have edited more closely before posting. I meant I went off on the lynching ref "along with everyone else" already and don't want to "beat a dead horse" by repeating all that here.

I also forgot to add the part in my stuff about the Neil Young song that that is one of my wife's favorite tunes from that album, though y'all probably figured that our from the context.

WNG said...

OK Deac - one - The Indigor Girls version of Down By the River is my favorite and that is a beautiful song made even more haunting by the lyrics :)

Now I personally, didn't see much of the sarcasm that Colbert usually displays with more conservative acts and if he didn't know exactly what Keith was going to play then he SHOULD have known. He should have either listened to or read the song before it was performed because he knows how Toby Keith is. Can you tell me he didn't know every word Nas was going to say last week? Really?

BUT - my point was more that I'm tired of the outraged emails that whip around after something like this because when I hit reply and ask what people are going to do about it I either hear crickets or excuses. If you're outraged then pick up the phone or the keyboard and write the or call the show. If you're going to send these outraged emails then at least suggest some action be taken, I'm getting pretty tired of people raising other people's awareness. Awareness without action is pointless. I'm done with pointless.

Also, I don't think Toby Keith cares about the implications of those lines and until and unless he does actually care about it he shouldn't apologize. I don't want a lie from anyone. I'm going with Prof Pausch's three parts of an apology:
1. What I did was wrong.
2. I am sorry I hurt you.
3. What can I do to make it right?

Most people just skate by with #2, but if I can't have all three then I'd rather have none, because the truth is that he may not be sorry and he doesn't have to be - it's a free country (sort of).

The performance bothered me a lot more than the interview and I let the Colbert Report know that. If it didn't bother you that's fine - we all have different thresholds for stuff like this.

WNG said...

Susan - AWESOME - maybe now more people will get involved in getting that family some answers!

Turtle - just chillin' man

NoR - you'll be ok, you're stronger than you think


Big Man - it's good to be heard from ;)

Deacon Blue said...

I didn't even know the Indigo Girls had covered that song.

As for Toby Keith's performance, that wasn't on the video clip I saw...just the interview portion with Colbert.

In any case, all your points are duly respected. :-)

slag said...

I don't know, wng. Until everybody only watches PBS, we can't let the MSM get away with their crap. They're clearly only going to behave when someone makes them do so. Not that we are making them do so, but we're trying.

Other than that, I agree with taking action. Sometimes, however, the direction that action should take isn't always clear.

WNG said...

That's because you're not one of their few straight stalker fans, Deac :)

And I think that the thing with Colbert is a personal thing, it didn't bother me as much as it seemed to bother some other people I know, but what drives me CRAZY is that they were all up in arms over emails to me and had directed none of them to the show.

Slag - oh mos def keep on the MSM,please, please, please don't stop doing what you're doing. I won't stop either. This was mostly a rant, so if you were expecting calm reason and logic then...sorry... I'll do another one soon on things I think we can all do to change the way the way the MSM works and/or the way it affects us.

As American as Apple Pie said...

We mostly have PBS only at our house. I have stopped watching the news. I'm sick of all the crap and downers. I know, that makes me just as bad and the people who complain and do nothing about it.

I'm with you on that, btw. If you have time and emotion enough to complain then DO SOMETHING about it!

WNG said...

Thank you, THANK YOU!!!
I know that I 'preach to the choir' a little bit here, but sometimes I just need to be reminded that other people are out there working too!