Monday, August 4

down girl

I need a vacation and what I’m going to get is a family reunion…twice. On Thursday night I’ll be flying to Providence, as will Mama G, we’ll drive to Plymouth, MA, ‘America’s Hometown’ that night and we’ll spend the rest of the weekend with Mama G’s family. Hilarity, drama, linguica pizza, alcohol consumption and possibly fistfights will ensue. Oh and I’ll get to hang out with the most beautiful boys in the entire world, the progeny of Awesome G Cousin and her Hubbo Italiano. It’s the 100-year anniversary of my great grandmother arriving in America from the Cape Verde Islands and starting the US branch of the family, so we have a lot to celebrate.

Then in December I’ll be taking off to the Bahamas with the Family of G for Papa G’s 80th birthday. There will be eating, gambling, alcohol consumption, verbal fistfights, and the cutest girls in the entire world, the progeny of Dr Cousin of G and her Shorty Hubby.

Both of these trips will be fun. After them I will be closer to those family members I haven’t killed and we’ll all have great memories. These are the kinds of trips you look back on years later and really appreciate. I realize how lucky I am to have my family around me and to get this time with them.


In order to work out these trips I’ll have no more vacation time, personal time or sick days. This wouldn’t be a problem if there were a person on this planet who needed a vacation more than I do, but there isn’t. I’ve been doing a lot of soul and mind searching and repair work these last two weeks I’ve taken away from you, my dear minions. I have a hell of a lot of work to do on my life in all areas and one of the things I’m working on is setting goals and then following them through. I cannot explain to you how many 75% finished projects I have. Anyhoo – one of my aforementioned goals is to take a vacation. An actual vacation. A do nothing but lay around on the beach and ogle attractive men and drink fruity little alcoholic nothings with umbrellas in them with nothing to think about but when to apply more sunscreen and whether I want to wind surf, refusing to read anything that does not include bodice ripping vacation. I want it. I need it. I need time off – time away. I need time devoid of family drama and filled with happy (or at least lazy). And I have to be an adult and realize that it just isn’t going to happen this year.

So fine. OK.


It is going to happen. I cannot do all the things that I want to without taking care of myself. I know people who will roll their eyes at the thought that me taking a vacation is taking care of myself and I know Mama G could give a super fantastic lecture about how it is so much more important for me to build a nest egg. And she’s right. It’s also important for me to not go crazy nutso insane and for me to not do that I need something concrete to look forward to. I need a date. I need a plan. In a perfect world someone would be planning a great trip for me but this is not, as you may know already, a perfect world so I’ll be doing this myself.

In 2009 I’ll be turning 30. I’m not happy about it, but it’s better than the alternative. So I’ll be taking myself somewhere sunny and sandy. Somewhere all-inclusive and all pampering. If I start saving now I might not have to take out a major loan – just a minor one. But the third week in April will be a relaxing one, just for me, far, far away.
So minions, if any of you have any suggestions as to where I should go – let me know …


As American as Apple Pie said...

I was THERE girl! I just took me a little weekend to HHI and did exactly what you outlined...nothing! It was great. I'll have a post up about it later in the week.

First I have to do part 2 of the mission trip before there is mutiny!

WNG said...

Oooh I love HHI! You are a lucky woman.
And yes, you do have to do part 2 of the mission trip...NOW!!!
Than you can make me jealous with your vacation story :-)

NoRegrets said...

Oh, go to Puerto Rico!!!! It's a great time of year to go (I did this year). It's beautiful. The people are great. You can meet Es. It's relatively cheap. And it's far enough away.

Think of weekends as mini vacations. Remember you have an expense-paid trip up north from me. And if you meet my friend with the airplane that weekend, we'll come down sometime and visit and take you away somewhere (if he likes you, which he will).

Taking care of #1 is a #1 priority.

NoRegrets said...

PS - the 30's are GREAT. Look forward to them.

The Mountain Cat said...

Bluuuueeee skies, nothing but bluuuueeee skies!

Deacon Blue said...

My wife is rockin in her mid-30s, is not a decade to be bummed about. ;-)

WNG said...

I'm thinking of maybe St Maarten...we'll see. It's not that I don't want to meet Es, because I DO, it's that I want this trip to be about alone time...

and it's less about the 30's and more about where I thought I would be when I hit my 30's vs where I am now and learning to reconcile the two.

that would be really sweet Mt. Cat, if I didn't have mankinis stuck in my head. Now there's a chorus of barely clad Borats singing to me...ick

NoRegrets said...

Don't forget the flings too...

Ah, adjusting the reality with the former expectations. Yes... that's a hard time. But there's a lot ahead of you.

WNG said...

Deac - if I was a wife and mother I'd be rockin the 30's as well! (well, who knows, but it's one of the things bothering me...)

NoR - you are, as usual, correct. I'll adjust - it will just take me a minute...

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Costa Rica - cheap and tropical

Aruba is supposed to be very nice, but I've never been, and I've underwhelmed by pictures thus far.

If you had a little more time, I'd suggest somewhere South Pacific...that's my dream vacation right now.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

LMAO @ turning 30! I loved every minute of turning 30 so much I threw a BIG BASH when I turned 31. They really are my favorite decade so far, well besides turning 10.

My plan was to go to South Africa for my 35th but that has been pushed back until I finish my gig here in Boston.

I'm going to Punta Cana, DR look into it. I was surprised by how cheap it was. I'll be there in late Aug for a wedding with my crew and it looks like the picture up top. So that is my suggestion I will let you know if I still endorse it when I return from the trip.

So you are Cape Viridian? Well at least some part of you is, I get mistaken for that all the time by Dominicans and Puerto Ricans mostly. This is funny because people who are not Dominican and Puerto Rican mistake me for being Dominican and Puerto Rican.

I'm always like NOPE just plain ol’ black. Or as I say my family has been in Texas so long I think we might be Mexican. *lol*

Have fun on the reunions and you really should stop in a Providence Place Mall and buy a thing or two I lost my mind there a few weeks back!


WNG said...

Hi Woo Woo! My friend Val just did Costa Rica this year and she LOVED it. It's on the top of my list to check out, thanks!

OG - I'm extremely annoyed about turning 30. I think it shouldn't be allowed to happen until I'm where I wanted to be in my 30's - but I'll get over it ;)

My Grandfather on my Mama G's side is from Cape Verde. I get recognized as Cape Verdean when I'm in New England, but not really anywhere else. Mama G used to get yelled at on the subway in NY by little old ladies who thought she was trying to pretend not to be whatever flavor of Latina they were.
I don't know if I'll be able to fit the mall in to all the eating, drinking, baby cuddling and partying I have planned...but hmm...saaales...almost as good as VODKA!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yep, I had barely even heard of it until I got here to New England. As you can see I wasn't sure if it was Viridian or Veredean and MS was NO HELP on that. *lol*

Don't worry about where you should be just be happy that you be! I guess it something I learned when I lost my dad. He wasn't even 50 yet. So I just try to be thankful to be here at all, which I see you are. Plus some of us are late bloomers, I spent a lot of my 20's floundering, or so I thought. I felt like all my friends had passed me by

Turns out I was just building a great foundation for now. I wouldn't trade it. It's not the new 20 but I do think it is the black!

Oh yeah Vodka goes great with your thirties too!


WNG said...

No worries on spelling, OG :-)

Oh, and Vodka goes great with ANYTHING! (ok, maybe not anything...but MOST things)

Deacon Blue said...

I understand how various decades can put us in a funk...and I get what you're saying. Neither my wife nor I am where we expected, either...financially, professionally, etc...and it kicks our butts sometimes. But it's weird how life works out in the end, and a lot of the delays and pains we're going through are starting to have some positive aspects to them (whether as learning experiences, keeping us out of troubles, etc.).

All I can say is that even though I don't know you personally and don't know your life circumstances in detail, I think you rock and I have faith all shall work out eventually.

But it's that "eventually" part that's a beyotch, ain't it?

Apple Hubby said...

I passed the 30 mark a few years ago and really didn't sweat it, I thought that I was close to where I wanted to be and all that, then life came and knocked me down.

If you were where you wanted to be, you'd just have to make new goals and all of that. Such a pain.

HHI this weekend was awesome. Just remember to reapply the Sunscreen after splashing in the ocean or you'll end up all streaky red like I did.

It isn't really a party kind of place though, if you're looking for something wild you may want to try elsewhere. If you're looking for relaxing and relatively inexpensive, this is a good bet. Although you'd be early in the season for it.

WNG said...

You are a very intuitive man, Deac, because I can tell you that I do, indeed, rock. The 'eventually' part bothers me less when I'm taking action, so I'm working on it!

Pie - I'm thinking more tropical...

Yeah, life has a way of doing that. I don't believe in them, but I like to read myths about the Fates at times when life is kicking me around. It helps me to remember that people have felt like this for thousands of years.

Vodka helps too...


Susan said...

If you figure it out, let me know. I may not need a vacation as bad as you....but I'm close.

WNG said...

I want ot have it decided by I can beg money for it under the guis of Christmas presents and then I'll go in April.
I'll let you know as soon as I do. You wanna come with?

slag said...

I totally feel your pain. Every time I can think of desperately needing a vacation (even just time at home), I've ended up doing family things instead. Even now, MFP got next week off (his first time off in 2 years), and we're spending the beginning part of it visiting family. In a place we, generously, refer to as "Hades".

All in all, I don't think our American workplace culture is conducive to fostering both healthy relationships and healthy individuals. Often, we have to pick one or the other. And when that's the case, they both fail. No wonder we have such high divorce rates.

It seems the best way to get around the vacation problem is to try to live someplace you love. I know that's not always the solution, but I can honestly say that it's the only thing that's protected my sanity sometimes. My adopted hometown has everything I want in a weekend getaway. So, when I start to feel like I'm going crazy, I try to take a walk by the water or through the trees, ride my bike over to a neighborhood I hadn't visited in a while, or bus downtown to hang out in the marketplace. And then, I just think to myself that it's all good.

I am not Star Jones said...

Maybe Montego Bay in Jamaica? I stayed at the Half Moon Hotel and it was a relaxing and quiet.

A good place to destress.

and you've been tagged at my blog.

catnmus said...

Costa Rica. We went with Vacation Express (I think) about 10 years ago, and went to an all-inclusive resort for 7 nights, at about $1000 per person, INCLUDING AIR, from Charlotte NC. Even then that was a good price. I just looked at them again and they seem to still be in that same price range. They do a deal where they use UPS planes - those planes are only used during the week, so on Saturdays, they put a bunch of seats in it, fly a bunch of tourists down there, and fly back with last week's batch of tourists. We did some extra activities as well, such as jetskis, zip lines, and the volcano/hot springs bus ride to Arenal. It was all very reasonable, we thought. Plus, Costa Rica is one place where they've actually been very successful at re-greening after decades of deforestation.

catnmus said...

Oh yeah, they (Vacation Express) also fly directly from the US to the airport in Liberia, which is in the resort area of Guanacaste in the northwest. No stopping in the big-city airport of San Jose first.