Monday, August 4

hope kicks fears ass

Life is hard there are many, many things that suck and I am flat broke. I have done things in my life that I will have to carry for the rest of it and scars from things others did that will never truly heal.
Facts suck sometimes.
Now here’s the thing, minions, we all have choices in this life. I actually have more choices than most. Yet I am angry. All the time, every day. I am angry and I am hurt and I am alone.
None of this stops me from having hope. Because I see how things could change. Because I need them to change. Things are fraying at the edges and starting to wear thin. Changes MUST be made. There is no waiting and seeing now. There is no maybe tomorrow now. My life seems to mirror the state of our nation lately – downtrodden and betrayed.
So – I have two choices: I could let go. I could start drinking(more), or smoking something, I could tune out and slide into oblivion or turn to suicide. I could quit.
I can fight. I can fight with discipline, love and laughter. I can start to stitch my life back together. I can create my life each day with the power of my will. People say that anger is a waste of time. I disagree. I think that anger is only a waste of time if you don’t DO anything about it. I will use my anger as fuel.
There are things I want – I should have them. I will work for them. Period. No more excuses. I am so tired of excuses. I am so tired of not getting what I need, of settling for less – from myself, from my life, from everyone.
The thing is that each of us is so ridiculously powerful. We waste our energy and our talents. We waste our time and our attention. We do not fight for the things we believe in. We let our minds be glazed over by the media.
I will not stand for it any longer. I am done.
Here’s a revolutionary idea: Demand quality.
Demand quality of yourself, of your family and friends, of your community and of your government. Demand quality in the media, at the grocery store, in your child’s school. Stop bitching and start doing.
Months ago I changed the name of this blog to A Whole New G because I started on a path to create one and I invited you all along. Well she’s here now minions and she’s ready to go.
The first thing – find your joy, the second thing-fight for it. I have sometimes been called na├»ve and sometimes been praised for being so positive on other people’s blogs. I don’t understand it. I could throw up my hands and declare a problem unsolvable. I could say that things will never change and I understand why people do that – it saves them from having to DO anything. If a problem can be solved the next question to be asked is why haven’t you fixed it yet? I need more people in my life who ask that question of themselves and of others. I need to be the sort of person who attracts those people into my life. For know I will hold on to the things I know and get to work.
Joy can be fierce.
Love can do battle.
Anger is green fuel.
Hope can be sharp as a razor.
Action works.


Susan said...

Tru dat...

;) Glad to see you're adding fuel to your fire.

Dianne said...

I just read a poem that ended with "The Infinite Power of Now" and I was mulling that when I saw your post title over at YJKOBT.

I had to read it and then I read Friday's post.

I'll be back for more - I need to re-fuel at times.


WNG said...

Oh yeah,Susan, I'm back. You should be skurred...

Dianne - WELCOME!!! I'm glad you came by, feel dree to drop in anytime, we all need to rev up sometimes :)

The Mountain Cat said...

Great post WNG!
Problems are a part of life. I decide to live each of my days to fullest. And realizing that I can always improve. And now matter what, someone will always be ahead of me or behind me. Therefore, I should not get too caught in the frantic judgement of others. Life is too short.

NoRegrets said...

Dammit Susan! That was going to be MY comment!

Yes, keep the drinks on the shirts, and move forward in other ways. It all can be done - just don't expect miracles of yourself and that it will all come at once.

Big Man said...

I'm scared of you, girl.

WNG said...

Others smothers, Mt. Cat. It's all about me for a while :)

Yes, NoR, sometimes i'm a tad impatient... but i'm working on that too. AND you can never have too many tru dats here!!!

That's because you're a smart guy, Big Man ;)

Jay said...

I'm kind of fired up now! I should probably read this post first thing every morning.

NoRegrets said...

BTW, saw the Dark Knight. Good for him. though you kind of did a spoiler thing there.

Apple Hubby said...


First time commenter, occasional lurker here. I'm thinking I should definetly become a full time lurker.

Gotta admit, I like McCain. I wish he were 30 years younger. If he were maybe he would still have the fire that Obama has.

Being that I am still young, and hope to live a while yet, I want someone with the world's best interests in mind (Not just the USA's). I think that Obama is our best choice for this.

Change is necessary, not all change is good, but every improvement is change.

WNG said...

NoR - how is a belly cell phone a spoiler? Oh...yeah... maybe a little - sorry! BUT i'm glad you got to see him!!!

AHub - WELCOME! You should definitely become a regular lurker. Liking McCain is not a crime that will get you kicked out of here, don't worry. Not voting WILL! BTW, i'm stealing this:Change is necessary, not all change is good, but every improvement is change.

ps - your wife rocks (but you probably already knew that...)

Apple Hubby said...

Yeah, I did

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Do it BIG girl!!!


Deacon Blue said...

Ever thought about giving "Keepin' it real" motivational speeches?

Seriously, though, WNG, I'm pulling for you and praying for you to get what you need and even get some thing you just damn well WANT, too.

WNG said...

;) OG

Deac - I could be the next Tony Robbins, huh? I don't know... But thanks, I really appreciate the prayers.

As American as Apple Pie said...

You go girl! Thanks for saying I rock. You're pretty awesome yourself.

I, too, have started on a new journey of finding myself. It started about 3 years ago with finding the physicial self that was buried under 30 lbs of fat and smothered by 4 children. Now I'm working on finding the "light" that is within me. We all have it, it just usually gets hidden by all the CRAP in life! I applaud you for taking the initiative in digging out from under the crap. Find your light and go blind someone with it...THAT's how you make a difference!

Oh, and check out Nelson Mandala's inaugural speech for some inspiring words to that same effect. Or I can email it to you.

WNG said...

I'm working inside out - Pie, but trying to do the same thing. I have that Mandela speech and you're right, I should read it again.

This little light of mine...