Wednesday, August 27

leetle break

So I'm training the woman who will be the new G, going DNC convention crazy, trying to clear out my office and get ready for my new J-O-B. I'm a little busy here. Don't worry, the G abides and all will be well.

I'll be back sometime next week, most likely.

In the meantime here is a cute pic of G and Part Time Blogger at the John Legend concert last week...


His Sinfulness said...

One word - "hawt."


NoRegrets said...

Hey, good lookin'. Whatcha got cookin'?

Remember to breathe.

WNG said...

I almost titled the post i'm hawt, Pater, I came thiiiiiis close...

Breathe? What is this word breathe?

Doc said...

Nice... Oh yeah and Vodka saves.


Big Man said...

Y'all look real cute in that pic.

Susan said...

Please tell me that's an alcoholic beverage in your hand. :)

WNG said...

Oh Susan, Susan, Susan... behind that napkin is a vodka/cran. A double.

Thanks Big Man...blushing...

It does Doc. It does :-)

NoRegrets said...

I just realized I should post something every couple hours so I can be at the top of your blog roll... [evil laugh]

I like that dress too.

The CEO said...

He looks a little like me. Well, too much hair......never mind. You have done well. Again.

Gye Greene said...


Willing to tell us what the new job is? (Maybe you already said, and it just didn't register.) Not the establishment -- just the broad type (e.g. "customer service for a mail-order spoon factory").

Oh, and: Yep, a good pic.

If I was trolling for heterosexual males, I'd tie you to the end of a string. :)


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As American as Apple Pie said...

You look soooo hot in that dress. And vodka cranberry is one of my preferred adult beverages.