Wednesday, August 6

An Open Letter to 'Leaders' of my Party and my Country

August 6, 2008

To: Senator Barack Obama, Democratic Nominee for President
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader

I write this letter to you, the leaders of my Party and leaders in my Country, supposed defenders of the Constitution of the United States of America and representatives of the People of the same. I write this letter in desperation, disgust and a soul deep anger. I write this letter begging you to look into your own hearts and to reread the founding documents of our Nation.

I write to ask you what, exactly, the current President would need to do to warrant your serious attention. I would like to know what crimes more heinous than those he has already committed would he need to carry out before you will take action. Let me state clearly right now that a speech is not action and promises are not action.

Where is the serious investigation? Where are the subpoenas? Where is the Special Prosecutor? Where are the Citations of Contempt? What, exactly are you doing?

If you believe that the best way forward for this country is to just clean up the mess and waste of Iraq and try to forget the past eight years ever happened I would like you to please resign right now. Please just leave. Our Constitution has been raped by her supposed protectors and defenders and you will not allow her to press charges, but are advising her to instead have some hushed conversations with witnesses to her violation and then retire quietly. If my metaphor seems harsh please excuse me and take it as a measure of the depth of my feelings.

Each week we hear more from journalists and authors about the lies and fraud perpetrated by this Administration on the American People. Yet it is well known that impeachment is ‘off the table’ and that no one in this Administration will ever have to pay for any crimes they may have committed against their own country in its name. How can any of you claim to support the men and women of our armed forces when you will not investigate whether or not they were sent to kill and to die fraudulently? If you will not punish those responsible why should they put their lives in your hands?

I have heard it argued that the harder the Republicans pushed at former President Bill Clinton the more popular he became. If you are more worried about how you will look to the electorate than in defending the very basis of our Nation and our freedoms from debasement then you cannot call yourselves Public Servants and you should resign from office and the campaign trail immediately. It is more than probable from what we know now that laws were broken. If you are not willing to punish the lawbreakers then you are less than worthless to us, you are complicit.

The American people need to know what actually happened these last 8 years. This country cannot move forward without as full an understanding of how we got to this point as possible. We need you to be leaders now in the true sense of the word. We need you to find the truth and to shine a light on it. We need you to be impartial and fair. We need you to be unstinting and tireless. We need you to be willing to take back the power of the Legislative branch and use it to fight for the Constitution.

This administration is a festering boil on the body politic. It must be lanced, bled and cleansed before it can heal. The job is not for the faint of heart. The job is not for a politician, but a public servant.

If you could look me in my eyes and tell me that you believe that an investigation would turn up nothing criminal at any level Special Assistant or above in this Administration – if you actually believe that, then I will leave this alone. If you can tell me that you truly believe that this Administration did not subvert the Constitution in order to prosecute a fraudulent war, did not lie to Congress, did not break any other laws, then I will drop this. If you can tell me what specific thing this President or a member of this Administration would need to do in order for you to call for a Special Prosecutor or open Impeachment Hearings I would be glad to find the information for you. If you would like to turn over any of the members of this Administration (past and present) who are wanted for war crimes in other nations so that they may hold the trial it seems you will not – I would support that wholeheartedly.

There is no political excuse to be made here – this is about morality. There is nowhere to hide from this decision; the power is in your hands. I will be writing to you each week about this miscarriage of justice until I see change come. I welcome a response and will be among your loudest supporters if you do decide to do what is right and try to find the truth for your Country and the People you claim to represent.

Most Sincerely Yours,
3rd Congressional District

Cc: Congressman Robert Scott
Senator James Webb
Senator John Warner

*This letter was sent just as you see it here via email to all representatives named here. The only change is that in the 'actual' letter I signed my full name. I will be sending this letter or something similar each week. If you'd like to join me at any time the names are links to their contact sites.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Where is Kenneth Star now?

Way to go G...I guess I need to get on this myself. Thanks for the info.


The Mountain Cat said...

WNG, You should send Barack the CCR song you made up. LOL.

So, you won an award! Come claim it on my page!

I'm leaving home now so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Enjoy.

Susan said...

Have a good trip, G.

WNG said...

OG - come join me, maybe it will work, who knows. If you want to be completely outraged pick up Ron Suskinds new book.

Mt Cat - you like me! you really like me! oh and I did ;)

Susan - I will! I'll bring you back some cheesy Plymouth memorabilia :)

Susan said...

Do not tease me with promises of cheesy memorabilia. I do loooovee some cheesy in my life.

Jay said...

Well I agree with you except that at this point I don't know that it would be worth it. Unless they could impeach Bush after the November elections. I would be in favor of that.

Of course he can always face criminal charges. And the republicans make the case that the constitution allows for impeachment even after a presidency ends, so the democrats could take them up on that idea and still impeach next spring.

WNG said...

I have friends who are dead, Jay. He sent them over there. I don't think that either I or their families should have to wait for the truth.

What does he have to do to make it 'worth it'? Shoot someone in the Rose Garden?

We don't really have an idea of the damage he's done - but we need to know.

NoRegrets said...

Have a spectacular trip! Think of colors for my place. yes, it's all about me. Oh, fine, you have a good time too.
I'll vote for you on the blog thing, but man, they make it difficult (relatively - like, it doesn't take 2 seconds, crap).

As American as Apple Pie said...

Way to take action girl! I'm impressed and in awe of you.

WNG said...

Yea - votes!!!
Just for that you will get TWO cheesy lobster refrigerator magnets! (I am not above bribery)

Pie- I have to do something, I owe it to too many people.

Big Man said...

lance the boil. lance it.

Apple Hubby said...

I think everyone should vote for at least one write in cantidate this election. I always vote against the incumbent, unless they have done something that I really approve of.

I think your metaphor is close, but I think rather than a boil, it is more a case of bed sores. Bed sores are the result of something sitting still for too long. Not enough motion, not enough change. Oh and they will make your body ROT. I think that that is where we are currently at.

If we had a little bit more turn around it would at least bring some new blood flow to the leadership of the nation.

AAAP and I were watching "Remember the Titans" last night, there was a great line, "Attitude reflects leadership". Can anyone guess why the attitude of the nation sucks right now?

Jonah K. Haslap said...

I think this deserves a web award nomination as much as do I do that again? :)

Gyuss Baaltar said...

sing it sister!