Saturday, September 13

good news...bad news

Good News First:

I am LOVING the new job!!! I'm learning a lot, I'm good at it and I really like the people I'm working with. I'm doing corporate sales and leasing for a group of apartment soon I'll be moving into one of the properties at discounted rent...yeah, I'm all about the perks.
Things have finally calmed down enough for me to get back to volunteering at the hospital and the Obama campaign so my life is feeling a little more normal. Oh, and I joined a book club! Soon I will BE Oprah...only with vodka.

Bad News...well, it's not even really bad news. The Pater and Flynn are working their compumagic and getting me a computer - but it's taking a little while. I've just gotten a monitor (Thank you Krystyna and Part-Time!!!) and I' should (cross your fingers) be able to afford internet by the time the computer gets here. I am both prohibited and waaaaaaay too busy to blog at work.

So, soon there will be no more carving out a couple minutes to run to the library :-)

Oh and just to take it back to 1984 for a minute - I'm still reading all of you! I can read you on my phone, I just can't comment...Big G is watching you!!!

I miss you guys, A LOT. I'll be back as soon as I can. In the meantime... don't you think this is a good time to show how much you miss me by buying a minion t-shirt???

Friday, September 5

storm warning

I know I promised a really long saturday post...but Hanna seems to be quashing that idea. The library will be closed this weekend thanks to the storm so no computer access for me... yes, I know, I'm pouting too.

I miss all of you!!!

Except Monty - who called me a Republican!

The rest of my minions are awesome...and awesomely missed.

Pookie and I will ride out the storm at Casa de G (my apartment) but it shouldn't be that bad...cross your fingers for us minions.

And keep buying...

pps - I already had the 'boys are stupid one' we're in mind meld.