Thursday, October 23

the problem

"I'm not voting for that n--, and I ain't no racist when I say that either."

Uh huh. Right.

That quote is from the Baltimore Sun


NoRegrets said...


Shoot, I forgot I have a WV story. I'll write it someday.

I am not Star Jones said...

another test...asking mccain supporters to explain why they support mccain without referring to barack obama.

it's cheap fun to watch.

NoRegrets said...

What a great idea Star!

WNG said...

It isn't just WVa, NoR. It's every single state in the Union. I believe that there are more of 'us' than there are of 'them' but I'm still working my butt off for the next two weeks!

Yet another awesome idea from Star, except they can always hide behind the "Because he's a war hero" excuse. Grrrr.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Hey G! I just realized you were back but I kinda been vacation myself the past few weeks.

Anyway wha can I say I mean we ALREADY know.

This may cheer you up...hope you have sound and headphones if you are at work


His Sinfulness said...

Racism is like a weed in the cracks of the sidewalk - you have to kill it over and over and over...

The CEO said...

I hate making decisions out of fear and try doing it out of intelligence instead. I know I'm a little strange, but you already knew that.

Deacon Blue said...

Other notable quotes that person might be likely to utter:

"She was sayin' 'no,' but that don't make me no rapist."

"Women aren't fit to serve in the military and they need to do what they're told, and I ain't no chauvinist pig neither."

"I know the cup said 'contents are very hot' but how's I supposed to know it would burn my crotch if I spilled it?"

"Sarah Palin's got way more experience than Barack HUSSEIN Obama."

slag said...

Is there anyone who'll admit to being a racist these days?

WNG said...

No Slag, there isn't.
Hi OG!!!

Pater, Monty and guys are massive exceptions to the Men Suck rule. Just thought you should know :-)

Deacon Blue said...

WNG...thanks for that.

Slag...I'll admit to being racist in at least the following ways:

- I expect little old Asian women to drive very, very badly

- I anticipate that Vietnamese or Korean video store owners will be massive jerks and probably project snarkiness because of that. (Not that I've encountered very many since leaving California for college and the rest of my life thereafter...)

- I expect black people to be able to dance well, even though I know intellectually they don't all do so.

- I admit that I'll do a mental double-take if I see someone of Arabic descent boarding my airplance.

I'm sure there are others, but I don't want to think too much right now.

WNG said...

You just proved your non-suckage Big Man...not that I needed anything further from you :-)

slag said...

Deacon Blue: I hear that. I have my own racist tendencies...pretty much everyone does. I just don't get why we can't admit them. Because only when we can admit them and get to know them, can we then actively work against them (should we be so inclined).

My racist tendencies are often highly class-based and often involve white people like Sarah Palin and reminiscences of the Jerry Springer show. That said, I'm from a mostly white, lower-to-middle class background myself, so there's probably some self-loathing in there.

Sadly, I can't share your Asian stereotypes since the place I live has a lot of Asians. Big variety.

Deacon Blue said...

Actually, Slag, a great many of my friends in grade school and high school before I left California were Asian, too (fairly balanced between white, Asian, Hispanic). So, sadly, my Asian stereotypes come from heavy exposure to a large and varied Asian population, which probably makes them all the more pathetic as notions of how those particular subgroups of Asians really are. Sometimes, being around people doesn't necessarily enhance our ability to avoid stereoptyping them...which is unfortunate.

My wife has a lot of class-based hangups, and I suppose I do, too, so I know where you're coming from there.