Tuesday, October 28

Yes, I will

I'll be off work at noon today.
By four I'll be standing in line.
By seven the line will start moving
We should be inside by eight.
At nine thirty THE MAN will take the podium.

That's right minions, I'll be at the Obama Rally at Harbor Park tonight. All the VA lurkers on here are invited!!!

Pics tomorrow :-)


NoRegrets said...

Try not to faint... :-)

WNG said...

Try not to FREEZE is more like it, NoR!

NoRegrets said...

Oh, yes, that too. Wow, you are right. LAYERS!

Jay said...


I was hoping he would show up in Springfield MO, but no luck. Biden went there and got a good crowd, but no the O-Man. So missed out. :-(

The CEO said...

You're not on the podium with him? Incredible.

His Sinfulness said...

I'm jealous - Enjoy!