Monday, October 13

Yes, Virginia, Your Republican Chair IS A Racist

"Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden, both have friends who bombed the Pentagon".

That was the Republican State Chair's quote to volunteers this week.

I call bullshit. Actually, I call RACIST bullshit.

All I wanted to do tonight was watch Gossip Girl and the Red Sox game, cuddle with Pete and enjoy my night off. I didn't want to end up blogging and ranting about McCoward's nasty bag of tricks but apparently there is no fucking Santa Claus and now my blood pressure is through the roof. This Ayers crap is just that. The guy did some crazy shit when he was younger which I will not try to defend at all but now he has worked with both the Congress and the Senate on education. He is part of the national conversation in a positive way.

McCrash on the other hand has stoked the fires of fear and bullshit to a point that he is now actually endangering the life of his opponent. Crashing six American airplanes and giving away military information while he was being held in Hanoi after using his father's clout to stay in Navy wasn't enough for him. Now he's actually putting Barack Obama in a place where he and his 'attack puppy Palin' could actually get him killed.

You're an ass, John McCain.

An ass.


slag said...

Did you know George W Bush, Sarah Palin, and Osama Bin Laden are all religious fundamentalists? Oh the similarities!

Anonymous said...

He is indeed an ass.

WNG said...

And once again, Slag saves my blood pressure!

We can't be th only ones who realize this, blackgirl

slag said...

Thought you might appreciate this:

WNG said...

Now WHY am I not surprised? Is it bad that I flipped off the convention center as I drove by today?