Monday, November 3


"What's it like living in a battleground state?" Monty asked.

In one word? Insane.

90% of the commercials on TV all day long are political in nature. The DNC, RNC, DNCC, RNCC and every candidate from dogcatcher to Presidential is featured. Eventually you get really good at working the mute button on your TV.

I have had conversations about this election in the bathroom at Target, in the checkout line at Food Lion, at work, at home and just about everywhere else in between. The highs are when you see 11,000 people standing outside a stadium to listen to speeches on loudspeakers because they didn't get there early enough to beat the 12,000 who fit IN the stadium. The lows come when you watch the dirty ads and hear people on the street repeating them.

I feel almost like the kids in Chicago in 68. A little battered and sore, but totally sure that 'The whole world is watching' and determined. If we lose Virginia it will not be for lack of trying. I went to a GOTV rally this weekend and saw Chris Rock. I got yelled at the next day by a grandma when I was going door to door.

What's it like? I'm still in it, I have no idea.

Ask me next week.


NoRegrets said...

Well, we'll see tomorrow how it all goes.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Right.Now here's to all your hard work in that state paying off!!


The CEO said...

If you end up in politics, then it will all have been worth it.