Friday, December 26

'n stuff

  • For Christmas I watched all of season four of Grey's Anatomy on DVD, ate a lot of pasta, slept and ignored my phone. Good Times.
  • One day someone will get me The West Wing: The Complete Series on DVD. It will happen. G has faith.

  • Val gave me the best present EVER: Vodka! Actually, since she is a true friend she combined my favorite thing about the South (sweet tea) with Vodka and gave me Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, which is actually distilled about 25 mins from Papa g's house 9begging the question: Why did papa G never tell me about this?!?!). Look for it in liquor stores nationwide minions and drink a toast to me:

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is the distillery's newest product on the market. The product is an infusion of American Tea and Firefly Vodka. Firefly Distillery is proud to bring true southern products to the marketplace. (70 proof)Firefly Muscadine Wine Flavored Vodka. The inspiration for a muscadine wine flavored vodka came from the 11.5 acres of vineyard where the distillery is located. As the muscadine grape is native to the South, Firefly is a southern distillery. The muscadine infusion creates a smooth sippin' vodka that is easily imbibed. (80 proof)

  • I changed my mind on the Tibetan Terrier and decided to go with the Norfolk Terrier. I put down a deposit and my puppy will be born in April. (Yes, a deposit. There was also an interview. No. I'm not kidding.) In the meantime, here are some pics of his cousins! What is cuter? NOTHING!

  • Someone needs to send Monty to the store for Snickerdoodle cookies before I tear my hair out from sheer shock and disbelief.
  • Maybe there should be a re-minionification program...
  • Coming soon - why are there no bakeries where you can get blondies, but all of them have brownies???
  • Oh yeah, I'll be in Chucktown for New Year's Eve... Colonel Mustard and The Condiments will be playing the Beer Works if any of you want to come hang with Mama G and I. Or you can just wait for the hangover stories when I get back... either way...


Deacon Blue said...

Mmmmmm....blondies. Seems like I only ever see them at bake sales and the like.

WNG said...

I found a bakery that will make me a dozen. I pick them up tomorrow at 9am!!! Yea!!!

Susan said...

Cute puppy!!!

I have no idea what I'm doing for the new year yet. I might just stay home.

WNG said...

Just wait until I'm posting daily pictures - you'll be sick of him soon :-)

It's an open invite, I have a two bedroom apartment I'll be staying in...

Dianne said...

your Christmas Day sounds a lot like my New Year's plans except it will be season 4 of Lost :)

the entire series of West Wing is an awesome gift to want

I can recite entire scenes for so many of those shows

the puppy cousins are adorable and I don't mean to be a downer but why buy when you can adopt? - shelters are really hurting for good people to adopt in the horrible economy

my apologies but I have a real dislike for breeders - even the good ones

Susan said...

Email me. I'm so totally thinking about this invitation.

WNG said...

I know exactly what you mean, Dianne, my family has always had shelter dogs. I guess the onlything I can say is that I fell in love with Norfolk's and the only way to get them is through a breeder.

Sadly most of the shelter dogs in my area are pitt bulls or hounds, neither of which will work for me.

BUT I'll probably be taking in my sister's dog, Homie, soon so I'll still be rescuing a pooch.

Will do Susan :-)

slag said...

I have no idea what a blondie is. And I hope your new dog isn't as yappy as it looks.

What was that about a re-minionification program?

Happy holidays, G!

WNG said...

it's a browine with no chocolate and tons of brown sugar.

it won't be.

yes, you need it. don't worry, we'll find you :-)