Monday, December 8

since i been gone

On Thursday night, while i was enjoying my family in the Bahamas three members of my work-family passed away. You may remember, minions, that I recently started working at an apartment community. On Thursday night there was a fire that left about 30 people homeless and took the lives of three people. Names haven't been released to the press yet, so I won't release them here but I will tell you that two were small children.

I just retunred from my family trip about an hour ago and won't be able to see the damage for myself until I go to work tomorrow, but I'd like to ask you all to say a prayer for the victims of this fire and if you would like to send anything from money to winter clothes or toys for the families and children you can make donations to the Bimini Fire Fund, 2 Tradewinds Quay, Hampton, VA 23666.

I'll keep you updated tomorrow and I'll have pictures and happy news from the trip posted soon. For now if you could justsend some good thought, vibes, prayers or whatever you've got our way that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks minions.


His Sinfulness said...

Good vibes (and a donation) are on the way.

NoRegrets said...

Aw, so sorry for the families, for you.

Deacon Blue said...

My sympathies that you had to come back from vacation to deal with tragedy. My prayers, at least, are now in circulation

slag said...

Wow, G. I'm so very sorry. All the best!

Gye Greene said...



Anonymous said...

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