Friday, January 30

of snobs and bosses

I’d like to have a blog like I’d like to have The Snob’s wit, time, know how and dedication to her blog. I’d like to be able to scour the web and bring a fresh (snobby) take on everything from TJ Holmes’ cuteness to the latest legislation coming out of DC. That would be awesome.

Instead I’m a dedicated reader of The Snob. She cracks me up on a regular basis and I LOVE her new site – there’s just so much more Snob now and that is exactly what the world needs. Or maybe it’s just what I need and really, isn’t that the same thing? I’m fine with my blog and I adore my minions, you know that. But every once in a while... blogousy rears its’ ugly head. All this is the long way of saying that The Black Snob has launched a new site which is completely fantastic and you should all go, minions, and read her articles, post comments and start your own threads on her boards. Have a great time!

Now – as much as I’m no super blogger I am REALLY not a music critic or a musician either. I did the requisite piano lessons as a child and I’ve noodled around on the sax and guitar, but I’m no Bruce. Fortunately for us all Bruce Springsteen has a new record out, Working on a Dream. I grew up on Bruce, not because of one of my sisters or parents, but because I was a radio junky and he ruled rock radio in the 80’s. We went our separate ways in the 90’s. And then The Rising came out and it was like he had written that record just for me. I still can’t fully express how much those songs touched me and helped me heal after the hell my life was in 2001-2002. Magic seemed like the perfect follow up record and again Bruce was sitting somewhere writing songs just for me (he’s totally a minion, folks). Was there any way that this new record could really create the perfect trilogy? Can you hit three home runs in a row?

If you want the info from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about on a musical level buy the latest issue of Rolling Stone and you can read all about it. If you want to figure it all out for yourself listen to The Rising, Magic and Working on a Dream in that order. Maybe you’ll feel, as I did, so acutely grateful for this life and its wonders and how few minutes you really have left to live. It’s a painful joy and a beautiful regret.

All this is the long way of saying that Bruce and E Street have hit three home runs in a row. Let them show you what love can do.

ps - Shaun likes me! He really likes me! (He and DFC obviously have fantastic taste)


The Black Snob said...

Aw! I'm so glad you like the blog! (And the new changes!) But it is a JOB, honey! Believe me!

Deacon Blue said...

It's a job just trying to post ONCE a day, and I've been failing at that the past month or two after a perfect run in November. So kudos to the Snob! (And by the way, I like the new joint she has, too)

WNG said...

You do a great job, Snob.

I've given up on every day, Deac, it just ain't gonna' haps.

Ummm... can everyone please click the link at the bottom of the post? I'm still freaking out a little that someone who's blog I respect so much actually reads me. At least I'm spreading the Gospel of Snickerdoodles!

Deacon Blue said...

Well, if I write too many more long installments of my novel or keep posting even the shorter ones so often, I won't be leaving you any time for your own, I blame myself in part.

Thankfully, there's enough blame to go around with other bloggers eating up your scarce time, so I won't feel TOO guilty.

WNG said...

No guilt for Deac! No guilt for Deac!

That's the best I can do in my massively hungover state. Stupid Steelers.

slag said...

Who doesn't like you?

WNG said...

Many, many people, Slag.

Although it is mind boggling.