Sunday, January 18


It's snowing.

I'm at work.

I've got a head cold (again).

I'm packing up my germs and taking them to DC with me for the Inauguration. So, let me apologize now to the millions of people I might infect with my sniffles, but there is NO WAY I will not be in that crowd.

Most of the family of G (both sides) will be there, but I doubt I'll see any of them in the multitudes. Still, I'll be with my family, in many senses of the word, as we celebrate this great new beginning and hopefully many of them will be there, like me, to rededicate themselves to this Republic, its ideals and the melding of the two.

Until then I'll sniffle my way through work and the hellish drive to DC. Have a wonderful weekend, minions, Happy MLK Day and Happy Inauguration Day.

*special MLK post coming tomorrow...


Susan said...

I hope you have a good time!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Stay well and have a wonderful time at this historic event! Say hi to everyone you know that I know.

Oh. That's no very many people, is it? Since I only just stumbled on your site today for the first time.


slag said...

Being sick sucks. But I'm glad you went anyway.