Monday, January 12

There will be blood tonight!

And a real post tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime - some things to ponder -

How is it that I only like about four TV shows and they keep getting put on the same night and time? I call bullshit.

What made me think I could pull a 70 hour work week after being home in SC on my last days off? I'm an idiot.

I'm really thinking about this whole living with intention thing. Can you really make yourself lucky? Can you train your mind to open itself to luck? Why am I reading O Magazine? Dude.

Speaking of which - more Americans would rather live next door to Sarah Palin than Oprah. Weird. I'd rather live next door to Kevin McKidd. Yum.

So, you minions think about those precious little nuggets and I'll get back to you tomorrow after I've slept a damn long time.


His Sinfulness said...

I would live next to Sarah Palin so I could watch her. It's like some terrible Fox reality show...

WNG said...

But Oprah would have cool people over that you could maybe hang out with. And she has dogs.

Still - on the off chance of catching Kevin shirtless I'd throw both ladies under the bus. Sad but true.

Susan said...

I'd pretty much throw anyone under the bus for some alone time right now with a hot shirtless man.

Okay, not anyone but some people. lol

Deacon Blue said... with intention sounds like a rewrapped and regifted "power of positive thinking." You can't make yourself lucky or think your way to success, IMHO, but I think it CAN go a long way toward keeping us from getting in our own way...which is itself a big help.

Pamela said...

Sleep well.

WNG said...

You're always right there with me Susan. Love that. And sorry about the snow!

Deac - i've started reading the book, which is pretty cool as a sociological experiment. Little things like who sees the five dollar bill on the sidewalk and who sits next to the Millionaire at the bar have a lot to do with how we see ourselves. Apparently you can train your brain to get out of your own way, as you put it. So, I'm going to try it. It can't hurt...and I'd love to start noticing the change on the sidewalk!

I did. For hours and hours. It was awesome!

The CEO said...

I'm glad to hear you're rested now.

slag said...

You're back! Or I'm back. One of those two.

I don't know who that McKidd guy is, so I'd prefer to live next door to Punxutawney Phil. That dude controls the weather!