Saturday, February 14

i heart you

I'm at work. On Valentine's Day. Which is fine because I am SO single, but I love my job.
And my minions.
Hope you're all having a great day!

i heart u


Deacon Blue said...

I hope you still heart me after us not seeing eye to eye over at Big Man's place recently (though I think I just wasn't making it clear enough what my point was).

Though romance might not be in your life right now, you are loved by many, I am sure...and I am confident romance will be a part of your life...the REAL love kinda thing and not some transient imposter.

NoRegrets said...

Happy VD day!
Sorry you're back to single... Last I had heard you were dating someone. That's how out of the loop I am.

WNG said...

I'll always heart u Deac, no worries. Darth Whitey - not so much. Ugh.

Pam - I'm totally fine with being single. Mama G, Big sister G and a couple of my residents here at work were ALL my Valentine's. I rocked it :-)

His Sinfulness said...

I heart u 2 - and what are the men in your town thinking?! You being single is simply proof positive that boys are dumb...


thismayconcernyou said...

I hope you were nice to your subordinates ... lol ...

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