Thursday, February 5

kevin mckidd

maybe it's my latent Scottish blood...but all I can say is... yum! (I am so glad he's talented so I don't feel quite so sleazy)

Really people, go get Rome...or just start watching Grey's Anatomy... or find some Journeyman episodes, or BBC the man, please!


His Sinfulness said...

He's not my type, really... but I see the appeal. :)

WNG said...

That's ok Pater, I wouldn't want to have to compete with you!

Lolo said...

It's the attitude that he projects, I get it. He comes across all smoldering and deep and rough and tender. Yet, if I just look at a photo I think "waaay too pink, no eyebrows and uh, erm, yah, waaaay too pink."

But yes, I will totally watch anything that he's in.

WNG said...

Lolo got it in one: smoldering and deep and rough and tender.

Lolo rocks. 'nuf said.

slag said...

I'll do the Google. I've seen some DVDs of Rome (had to quit because it was too violent), and I never thought to ask who played that nice character. Now I know. Yay you for educating me!

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